Man High

Boards of Canada just released their first music video. The track is Dayvan Cowboy from The Campfire Headphase. Most of the video is based around footage of Joseph Kittinger (crazy-ass old guy smiling above) skydiving from a hot air balloon. What you will begin to notice is that he's in outer space doing this. The footage kind of makes me sick to my stomach. That first drop, being at such high altitude, there's just no wind resistance. He motors. He actually broke all these records, going the speed of sound like that. Check out wikipedia.

I've posted one or two other tracks from The Campfire Headphase here before. It's an inconsistent album, but the half of it that is good is REALLY good. Dayvan Cowboy is one of my favorites. They say that there are no new chord progressions. That it's all been done, but then someone like Boards of Canada will come along and put together a couple of chords in a new way. Really beautiful, with fresh mountainous drum programming breaks that fall in weird places.

Boards of Canada – Dayvan Cowboy


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