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It's been a crazy six weeks out here in LA. I've seen some great shows: Jamie Lidell, The National to name a few - and I've been listening to a bunch of music. Some good, some bad. I was really disappointed in the Jackie Greene album. I have to be honest - for the hype surrounding this guy - it wasn't great. He's been lauded as the next suedo - Bob Dylan. To be honest though, this guy couldn't cut it.

Anyway, I miss all you back in Detroit and I wanted to put up a few songs that I hope you will all like. I know Dan misses my shit in the manor. Club Gos. The cave that was my room from time to time. We were actually talking the other day and it occured to us that he posts now, on the blog that I started as my own, than I do. Thats just not right. Needs to be corrected.

BTW: Sam - congrats on the alligator.

So I'm sure a ton of people have already heard of Gnarls Barkley, yes? Well, anyway, I had heard some about the collab when I was invited to the release party at the "Nike House" out here. This is actually pretty cool - Nike owns a house on the ocean in Venice - its a cottage that they renovate and re-do the interior of every 6 mos or so. Totally cool - and they throw events there. I don't think they actually sponsored the event - but its a venue thing. Anyway, so as I get to the party - Cee-Lo and Dangermouse (Gnarls Barkley) walk in - and its crazy. Flash bulbs - the whole nine. Pretty fucking cool. I love the shit that Dangermouse has done - everything in fact. He can do almost no wrong in my mind. And Cee-Lo? Where the fuck has he been? I mean, really. Where has he been? I haven't heard his name is June 4, 1988. I was talking with my friend Dan out here - and he made an interesting remark - he said something to the effect of: I'm happy that Cee-Lo did something good and that he landed somewhere. I thought about it and agreed. Good job, Cee-Lo. And now that I listen to this track I realize how good Dangermouse and Cee-Lo can be together - and how unexpected that is. Check it.

Gnarl's Barkley - Crazy

Onto another topic - remember when Jude Law was literally everywhere? He was in like 6 movies at the same time, had a top 40 album, a book deal, a cooking show and was also directing and producing at the same time. Yeah. Well, the new Jude Law is Jose Gonzalez. This guy is everywhere! And the new Zero 7 is proof - in fact I think that he might be a new member of Zero 7. Anybody know? I'm totally lost. But I dig the new album. Zero 7 actually does a new version of Crosses (Gonzalez Song) in their own way. Pretty cool. This song is pretty vintage - sounds like it came out of the When It Falls sessions almost. Its a really grea track and SANS Jose Gonzalez. This one goes out to that special someone.

Zero 7 - You're My Flame

Another great new release in 06 - TV on the Radio. These guys rock my shit - and I can't wait to see them at Coachella - who's going by the way? Love to meet up with a few people down there! This is a new track and my favorite so far off the new album from these guys. I hope you like it as much as I do - this is the track that I freak out too in my room when I'm alone. There I said it.

TV on the Radio - Playhouses

Bold prediction -but look for these guys to have a big 2006. They are called La Rocca and they are from down under. I dig this track - its super pop - super happy - great driving song. Saw these guys play not to long ago here - and the lead singer was TOTALLY ripping off Nillsson in his look. Dan didn't agree. But god damnit - he was. I let it slide - only because of his great pop sensibilities. Enjoy. You'll thank me later.

La Rocca - Sing Song Sung


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