It's Getting Personal

So todays post is a little heavy. Sometimes you are going through personal turmoil and things that make you re-think songs you have heard or revisit something and you hear it differently than ever before. Certainly, I've had a month or so to contemplate changes in my life (which seem to be happening more and more, some for the better and others that just happen) and I feel like these songs jumped out at me....so I thought I would share.

The first one is a little known group from LA called Jed and Lucia. I had never heard of them and stumbled across their music somewhere out there. (I'm sorry if it was a blog, but I don't remember) After listening to it, this song was the one that nearly made me cry out of happiness and sadness. Either way, the music meshed with my own experiences and feelings really struck something inside me and I would highly recommend this track. Great production and really good writing.

Jed & Lucia - Can't Cage a Bird

Jeff Buckley came back into my life randomly the other day. This song popped up and I had completely forgotten about it. Nothing new here, but certainly something like this cannot be just ignored. If you have not heard of Jeff Buckley, welcome out from underneath that rock.

Jeff Buckly - Forget Her

Lastly, I can't leave you without something to get your dancing shoes on with. Prescription goes like this - cry a bit, then just before you realize it - this track will come on - you will wipe away your tears and you will see the sunshine come out and you will start dancin in the street.
These guys, MSTRKRFT are a side project of a member of DFA 1979 - whom I absolutely love. They are doing remixes and such, but this is all theirs - so enjoy it - and look for a full length sometime in the near future.

Oh, and by the way, Futurism Ain't Shit.

MSTRKRFT - Easy Love


At 3:21 PM, Blogger Samantha. said...

I can't find a Jed&Lucia track I don't love...

At 12:57 PM, Blogger salemonz said...

Dude, as always, you're my musical mentor. Teach me, oh great auditory-san!


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