Resolutions are for suckers

2006 is in full swing. My resolution was to not make anymore resolutions - but if I did - you wouldn't know about it. Thats the plan, really, make change, but keep it to yourself for the most part. How's your year going so far? I haven't had a lot of new music hit me in the face yet this year....big news though. I adopted a new cat yesterday. She's pretty amazing, wants to crawl on everything. Shes into that type of thing. So I guess I have been into simpler tunes lately, something that makes me feel like a little kid again in a way. I remember growing up and listening to Cat Stevens, Stevie Wonder and The Beatles - this guy brings them to mind...

Kelly Stoltz is someone that was oddly enough first introduced to me when I was touring by my friend Lisa. She played me a tune she thought was funny - it was 4 am - we were drunk and it was. This tune, however, is pretty cool in a lot of ways. Anyway, his newest EP is on Sub Pop and he has a 7" coming out soon on Cass Records out of Detroit - wow. Neato! So anyway, check it out.

Kelly Stoltz ://: Sun Comes Through


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