Hot Ass Hot Chip

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So, I've been getting really into Hot Chip. Coming on Strong was my initial listen a while back - and was not super into the album. I could tell what they were trying to do - but they were missing the mark somehow. I then stopped into Vertigo in Grand Rapids shortly before leaving the state and said hi to Herm. I checked into his vinyl stash and found a Hot Chip single, remixed by DFA. It was great. My interest was renewed. So I eventually found the Hot Chip album called the Warning - and it's great. Some hot slow jams, some more uptempo classic sound Hot Chip stuff that I think they were going for on their earlier stuff - but really hit their stride this round. In a classic case of two worlds colliding - Four Tet picked up a Hot Chip track and remixed it. I love it. Its a little crazy, but he's been skewing that way since the release of his newest disc. Check it out - let me know what you think.



Hot Chip - The Ass Attack (Four Tet Remix)


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