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The weight is a gift guys. That is why the weight gets lifted today, that's right, it's Friday. So, Friday is as Friday does. I'm feeling good today. Although sometimes it feels like Groundhog day in this town, today has been better in some respects. The one thing that I can't seem to shake is the fact that there is a gap, yes a gap, between the bottom of my door to my bedroom and the floor. My roomates cat utilizes this nearly every morning between his awful meowing to stick his paw under the door and pull on it, rattling it and waking me, and sometimes, my roomate up. Clearly, this has to stop. Plans are being made and action will be taken. Keith, if you are reading this, you will no longer be able to do these things. Sense will be made of it and you will be put away for your evil acts of waking us up on weekends. What else can I say before getting to the music? Ah, yes. Hotel Rwanda. What a film. I watched it last night and was struck by it. It really made me realize how utterly selfish as a country the United States can be in some cases, but what really struck a chord was how over 500,000 people were slaughtered and yet very little was made of it. Anyway, enough of all that.

This first guy is a total mystery to me. His website offers very little info on him and isn't very useful at all. Some cool remixes are posted for your download - but word is release on his new album called Pale Glitter has been delayed. Miwon is this guys moniker - who doesn't have one these days? It's the latest thing! Anyway, totally reminiscent of Loscil - which is one of my fav background electro/glitch type groups Miwon spans from very minimal to more in your face but keeps a good beat going throughout the album. Look for it early 1st quarter 2006. Until then though, enjoy this track.

Miwon - Semafora (follow link)

Another guy that I have been really into over the past year is MF Doom. Another great blogger put together an awesome feature discussing his history and his motivations. Basically, back in the early 90's he was part of KMD, a rap group - not awesome, but signed to a major. In the end though, the brother of who now has become MF Doom was killed and Doom was wronged by the label (dropped). He always wears a mask, which is ultra fucking cool and has collaborated with many of todays coolest artists Four Tet, Koushik, Madlib and now Dangermouse of Grey Album steez. Don't fuck with MF Doom - don't do it. Enjoy this track off of the new album, this track features Talib as an added bonus.

DangerDoom - Old School (follow link)

Last and not least is the awesomeness that is Explosions in the Sky. I think that they may have been featured in the football movie with Billy Bob as the coach, Friday Night Lights. Pretty alright movie, if you are into that kind of thing. Calls into question what the hell Billy Bob is doing with his career. Anyway, these guys are that kind of instrumental group that really moves you. Take Sigur Ros and take out the crazy made up language - add touches of The Album Leaf and you may start to sound like Explosions in the Sky. I have never seen them live, but would love to. Enjoy this track - high recommend, now go buy it.

Explosions in the Sky - First Breath After Coma
(follow link)


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