French Jackson

Warp is the mother of all electronic labels, and Jackson Fourgeaud is their lastest signee, which makes Jackson and His Computer Band’s debut, Smash, a point of interest in certain circles. The mark of a significant first album (think Rufus Wainwright, The Strokes, or Interpol) is when an artist emerges with a distinct identity and a sense of self already in tact. That’s definitely the case with Smash which, about halfway through its 46 minutes of tweaked chaos, you realize has a “sound” – a hard, slurpy compression that is like flabby mice claps amped to the point of distortion and the hard funk effect of gated soul divas crashing in bright, indeterminate gusts. It's what Jamie Lidell's first solo record might have sounded like if he had followed through on any of the hundreds of fragmented ideas he was throwing down. Even though electronic music has lost a lot of the novelty it held for me 4 or 5 years ago, the two most exciting albums this year for me so far (this and Four Tet’s Everything Estatic) were electronic-based.

Jackson and His Computer Band – Utopia

Jackson and His Computer Band – Fast Life


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