Ok ok. So most everyone knows who the hell Diplo is by now - but I don't really care - and if you happen not to know - let me adjust the rock you are living under just a bit and introduce you. Diplo came up from Florida I do believe - although I could be wrong. He's been a leader in the new baile funk type movement or whatever - which leads me to something else. he also produced quite a large portion of M.I.A.'s disc: Arular. (and he's dating her.) Not bad? Not bad.

So he did a tour with Maya (M.I.A.) which my good friend Dan and I attended. He was dropping beats, she was doing her thing and then LCD Soundsystem came by, we were subjected to a few people "over dancing" and we left. Over dancing is a technical term, defined only by vision - but some know what it really means. So we left impressed with Maya, but not Diplo, and definitely not LCD. Diplo's intro thing for Maya was just weird. However, he totally redeemed himself with a totally amazing set in Chicago at Intonation fest. He played a great dj set and the place was completely freaking out - especially when he cracked in with a remixed version of TV on the Radio's Staring at the Sun. It was great and led me to revisit the CD Florida which I had picked up quite a long time before all this MIA, Intonation, Baile-funk crazy talk mumbo jumbo. So with that - enjoy one of my favs off the disc (which you should buy) that is a bit more down tempo then the rest of the album - but still great. It's called Into the Sun. Sticking to the sun in the title - damnit.

I sure hope that Josh is checking this out. Maybe not. But I hope you all dig the stuff. Pretty sure my friend Dan will be contributing from time to time with his own twisted sick mind. God bless him. Until the morrow my friends, be well.

Diplo - Into the Sun (follow the link)


At 9:01 PM, Blogger salemonz said...

There is a josh that's picking up what you're putting down, bro, but I don't know if it was THE josh you were looking for!


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