I Love You, But....

In what could maybe one of my favorite band names ever - I give you: I love you, but I've chosen darkness. Hard to describe the sound that they bring to the table - this song is kinda mellow - with a twinge to it -something that doesn't sit quite right. pleasing to listen to, check out their website - they have one of the coolest t-shirts ever and sadly it's all sold out in anything but an XL. Who even orders XLs anymore? I dunno. maybe they will re-issue it threadless steez. other cool tidbits - this came off an EP that was produced by fellow austin-ite britt daniels from spoon, they have been signed to secretley canadian and have a new disc due out in early '06 and lastly the evil empire gave them a 7.3 which means that it has to be great. anything given a 7-ish rating usually means amazing-ness is brewing.

I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness - Your Worst Is My Best
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how much does the dude of the left look like Peter Krause (krow-za) my boy from Six Feet Under?? Seriously.

In other news, i resurrected the french press today after a small hiatus. it wasn't her, it was me, it was what i was going thru. it felt good.


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