Friday Fridge

This is the fridge:

This is my Fridge (and now yours as well):

Fridge is the side project of that special someone Kiran Hebden also known as Four Tet. Sam Jeffers and Adem Ilhan join him apparently they have grown up together and are friends. The release which I suggest you pickup at the Domino Site is a heady, beat-infused lovely soundtrack to living type disc. A few of the tracks hit that familiar Four Tet groove of acoustic beat and jangley tones that his fans love, but it borders on the jazz influence that was on some of his pre-Rounds stuff.

It's rainy and fall has finally staked it's claim here in Michigan in mid-September - making it feel more and more like mid-October. A lot of change is taking place this year after a relatively calm time in my life - but all for the better. So I think that this song fits both of those things very well - something to listen to as you sip a coffee and watch the rain fall.

Fridge - Long Singing (follow link)


At 9:06 PM, Blogger salemonz said...

Can't get the link, my man. I neeeeed, I neeed!

At 12:01 PM, Blogger !!!dr. thunder still high fives!!! said...

What seems to be the problem? Works for me....hmmm.

At 3:01 PM, Blogger salemonz said...

got it now, thanks. Yesterday it was giving me shit. Damn internet!

At 4:08 PM, Blogger Samantha. said...

I do not know why it did that. That was very mean of it to go and do that. Hrm... but i downloaded it from savefile and it worked for me...the songs are really short? both less than 2 minutes? thats strange, but maybe savefile is crazy. But if you want the two tracks you can instant message me or email me and i'll gladly send them to you in some other way that'll work. i promise.
keep on keeeeeepin' on


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