The Secret Handshake!

The Secret Handshake is Luis Dubuc. I dig his stuff. At least, the single that he has put out from the forthcoming EP. (
The Secret Handshake's 6-track EPThis is Bigger Than You and I will be released in September) It's kinda guilty pleasure type music, but nonetheless worth listening to. (and driving to for that matter) The label - Dollhouse Recordings says: "His music is centered around his honest lyrics and creative ability to incorporate piano melodies and electronic backbeats." It's almost cliche now to have the piano or guitar meets electro backbeat.

The Secret Handshake released his debut full length Antarctica with a first limited pressing of 1000. I haven't heard that - but hopefully soon....anyone out there heard it? Anyway, get to know The Secret Handshake - yes - you are in the club.

The Secret Handshake - Coastal Cities (Demo) (follow link)


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