I bring gifts

Music. There's a lot to love lately. These have won my heart's prize:

Midlake – Rosco: Civil war vets reincarnated as indie rock band from Dallas. It's totally creepy, their displacement, but not a put-on.

The Roots – Baby: The roots have now blown my mind too many times. It's time I admitted that they are the best game in town - the new band I want to be. I thought that 'Crazy' by Gnarls Barkley was the best song of the year, until I heard this. I love how lazy the lead vocal is, not bothering to enunciate the last syllable of his sentences.

The Knife – Marble House: This song unfolds at a languid clip, but there is no excess. It takes exactly that long to sound immaculate. The singing skirts the limits of how much yodel overtones I can accept in a singer. She reminds me of the Cranberries' singer. Which is an uncool comparison and why Rod tried to redeem her by comparing her instead to Siouxie Sioux. Sorry Rod, she doesn't really sound like Siouxie Sioux, but there was no need to fret. This song is full of goodness.

Justin Timberlake – I Think She Knows
: This record has several really long tracks, which are comprised of a proper song and an interlude. This is just one of the interludes, which I chopped off in protools, but it's actually the highlight of the album for me. Justin T is just cool. He's got it. I like his singing. His beatboxing. His haircut. I have a crush.

Madonna - Get Together: I love the production on this. It sounds so much like Royksopp. I wish she made more tracks this good.

Husky Rescue – Hurricane (Don't Come Knocking): I know a secret. I have the new Husky Rescue album and it's amazing. It will break hearts next year. This should be the single. It's not going to be. But it should.

Sparklehorse – Ghost in the Sky: He's kind of treading water at this point. Just repeating himself, but it's one of those things like Boards of Canada or Clinic where he was so original right off the bat that he's just regurgitating genius.

The Cardigans – Feathers and Down: I am really surprised to say that I'm getting into the Cardigans. I never liked them when they were famous in the 90s. I guess they kept making records, kept getting better, and a few years ago put out this beautiful alt-country album called 'Long Gone Before Daylight.' It's not a total winner - there is some cheese - but the songs that work are real heartbreakers. This track is flawless. I think Nathan Larsen from Shudder to Think has his mitts in this stuff. Which might explain the amazing bridge. Don't give me any shit.

The Cardigans – Low: So, after our band surprisingly bonded over the previously mentioned album while on tour, I came home, swallowed my pride, and looked into the Cardigans. They have a NEW, new record, called Super Extra Gravity. Some times it's some real Avril Lavign shit, but then will be all of a sudden brilliant. This track depresses me. That's saying a lot, since I've always listened to sad music. This song is sadder than I can be. "There'll be rain on our wedding day... in a Chapel we wouldn't play."